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Energous: Revolutionizing the way we Charge

Imagine being able to install one transmitter in your house that can sense when your devices have low charge and will wirelessly charge them for you while still being able to use said device. Imagine that same transmitter being able to sense when those devices are fully charged and stop charging it. Well, look no further. Energous has the solution

Energous (WATT), a company that specializes in wireless charging, has created a unique software called WattUp. When implemented in Energous' transmitters, WattUp allows for safe, wireless charging in multiple devices from distances of nearly 15 feet. Essentially, these transmitters serve as "WiFi routers" from a charging perspective, meaning multiple devices can run (charge) from one power source, all without the use of wires.

Energous also has receivers with the WattUp software, but I view the transmitters as more of the focal point of the company (just how iPhones and iPads are to Apple). Still, these receivers can generate significant revenue for Energous.

Now that I have essentially summarized the Energous and their products, let me analyze them from an investment perspective:

This software is unique. I know you might have seen Samsung's wireless charging or Duracell's wireless products, but I believe Energous is different. What Samsung and Duracell (and Apple, which I will discuss further) have created are either specific to their products or are not very user-friendly. Energous, however, has created a product that can become as important as a WiFi router as their transmitters can wirelessly sense when to charge ALL of your devices, whether it be a drone or laptop or phone.

I mentioned how I would describe Apple. Apple recently rolled out their new phones, the 8 and the X. In 2018, however, Apple is set to unveil their new wireless charging systems. They are going to essentially do what Duracell and Samsung did, using wireless charging pads and bases to charge iPads and iPhones and such. However, in 2019, they are rumored to use a Energous approach, meaning their wireless charging can blanket a whole room of Apple devices. However, Apple recently bought a New Zealand based company that specializes in wireless charging. Although this may seem like a negative, I believe that Apple will utilize their services for their wireless charging bases as they are a very small-scale company compared to Energous. Plus, this New Zealand company does not have the full-room charging aspect like Energous has. Therefore, this leaves room for Energous to still be the major contender for Apple's 2019 wireless charging.

HOWEVER, I prefer Energous not partner with Apple because the company's product is still not specific to only one company. This means, as i mentioned, you can simultaneously charge (if necessary, which the transmitter will sense) a Samsung phone, and iPad, a drone, and a Chromebook. This brand-less approach is what I prefer, as Energous' transmitters can become more of a main piece of your house (like the WiFi router) as they can blanket several devices, therefore generating more revenue from a greater consumer base.

If Apple does partner up (or buyout) with Energous, however, the stock would soar because its Apple. In these cases, I would sell Energous' stock right then and there because I see limited growth with a partner (as mentioned above).

I believe firmly, that, with Energous' unique product paired with tons of IP (intellectual property), their stock is poised to soar in the future

If you want to leave with an analogy of how impactful Energous' transmitters can be:

What GoPro did with the camera industry, Energous is doing with the charging industry.

Also, here is a link to a video of Energous describing their product:

Please read my disclaimer before taking any financial action. I was not paid to write about Energous. This article is fully my research and my opinion(s).

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