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Buy Party City this Halloween Season

Although Party City makes major money on Halloween, it is best to avoid the stock this coming Halloween season. Why?:

-Party City is most known for their accommodations (mainly costumes) during the Halloween season. A great chunk of their sales come from this time. In fact, they are expected to rake in 8.4 billion USD this year. That is more than a 17% from last year.

-Additionally, the recent clown craze is only expected to grow. Since "creepy clowns" became popular (roughly around September 20), the stock has grown 10.58%. Clown-related sales have shot up more than 300% in the past year, most of them coming from these past few months. With a growing number of people trying to gain social media popularity or just those trying prank others, any reason for buying clown-related apparel is a good reason for Party City. However, if the person who buys such apparel is using it for criminal purposes, such as physically harming others, I am completely against that. I do not condone such actions at all. Although most of the creepy clown-purchases are just jokes, those that are not may harm Party City as they may face lawsuits from those that were threatened. However, the likelihood of this is extremely low as in most cases these types of people are arrested before harming the person.

-Finally, the election is also a benefit for Party City. Despite being the most disliked candidates ever (I do not have a stance on any candidate), this is still the most talked about election ever. The massive recognition of this election has resulted in huge demand for Trump and Hillary related costumes (as well as President Obama). I would expect that this category of costumes will be one of the most popular this Halloween season.

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