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Terms of Use strictly expresses the opinions of that and only that of the founder, Mr. Rishabh M. Reddy. Any opinions expressed by Mr. Reddy through utilize only publicly available information. In no way does Mr. Reddy intend to, nor want to, professionally advise or manage your finances. If you decide to take financial action on any of the information and/or securities mentioned on this website, then both Mr. Reddy and shall not be held liable for any financial or personal loss. Just like any other financial website, Mr. Reddy cannot perfectly forecast where the market will go. Therefore, it is at your own risk using any articles posted through as the only means of reason when taking any financial action. Again, both Mr. Reddy and shall not be held responsible for any financial or personal loss in the event that you use this website as the only reasoning when purchasing or selling any securities. Mr. Reddy intends for this site to be for information purposes only.

Privacy Policy and Mr. Rishabh M. Reddy will never sell your email information to any third party clients. In the event an exploitation of our website occurs, your email information may be exposed. Although the likelihood of this is extremely improbable, both and Mr. Reddy shall not be held liable should this event ever occur. We also promise to never put your emails on spam lists nor do we intend to do so. Furthermore, and Mr. Reddy will not be held liable if you encounter either a personal or financial issue with our advertisers' products and/or services. In the event that you have an issue with any of our advertisers' products, please contact the respective company, not or Mr. Reddy. Any concerns about our advertisers' products and/or services (that are sent to us) will directly be sent to said advertiser.

*Mr. Reddy speaks on behalf of anyone who writes on

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